In the late 1990s, Felipe Ibáñez and Jorge Gutiérrez, who had been friends since childhood, founded Viña Anakena in Alto Cachapoal, at the foothills of the Andes Mountains with the goal of crafting elegant, innovative, and distinctly New World wines that reflected their origin and Chile’s potential as a producer of world-class fine wines.

Convinced that high quality was synonymous with distinction, they visited the world’s most renowned wine regions to learn the latest viticultural and enological techniques and bring them home to Chile along with most up-to-date technology for crafting fine wines. In 1999 they planted their first vineyard in Alto Cachapoal and built the Viña Anakena winery, leaving no detail to chance. This outstanding facility is modern, functional, and beautifully finished.

Today, Viña Anakena has 145 hectares in Alto Cachapoal, 125 hectares in Leyda, 43 hectares in Peumo —the sector of the Cachapoal Valley closest to the coast— and 44 hectares planted in the Colchagua Valley. Anakena wines are now consumed in more than 50 countries around the world and are consistently recognized by the most demanding international wine critics.

Our Driving Ideas

At Viña Anakena, the quality of our wines is more than a goal—it is a core value. Our work is guided by the pursuit of excellence and attaining the highest possible quality. Our unique style in crafting fine wines enables us to offer special, distinctive wine that satisfy the most demanding consumers. We want our wines to reflect their origins in our own vineyards, located in Chile’s best terroirs, as well as the experience and vision of our viticultural and winemaking team.

The cellar

In planning the Anakena winery facility, architect Luis Uriarte began with a quintessential colonial style and incorporated all the modern elements needed to vinify and sell our wines.

The wine cellar itself was designed in 1999 by Techniques Trading, a leading South African firm that also advised us on acquiring the latest technology. A high-tech laboratory allows the enological team to precisely manage all indicators and variables to ensure the highest quality product.

The 6.000 m2 cellar has 4 naves that house the laboratory, 148 stainless steel tanks, specially equipped rooms that can hold 1,300 barrels, and our “cellar door,” where we welcome visitors from around the world.


Anakena is actively committed to caring for the environment and promoting integrated agriculture that ensures a perfect balance in our vineyards and guarantees that our wines are produced sustainably and responsibly. This approach in the vineyards combined with our use of environmentally friendly supplies in our wineries constitutes one of Viña Anakena’s main pillars.
In September 2003 Anakena signed a Clean Production Agreement (CPA) pledging to adopt all measures needed to ensure the conservation of the environment. Specifically, the agreement incorporates current legal environmental, hygiene, and labor standards that are applicable in the sector, as well as standards for discharging liquid industrial waste and procedures for the safe management of solid industrial waste.

In 2010, Viña Anakena joined the rest of the Chilean wine industry in formulating an agreement to protect the environment and pledge its corporate social responsibility through a Sustainability Program.

For Viña Anakena, sustainability is more than just a catchphrase. It goes beyond purely ecological concerns related to producing high quality fine grapes to embrace all three components of a responsible company’s operation: the environment, people, and economics. Responding to the Chilean wine industry’s strong commitment in these areas, Wines of Chile has proactively developed a National Sustainability Code that outlines and defines the environmental and social dimensions in each winery that will be evaluated and audited by an external agency. The Sustainability Code that was developed requires participating wineries to comply with a protocol that governs all actions and practices throughout the entire production chain. Added to this evaluation are our GRI reports, which are a requirement of our certification. In December 2011, Viña Anakena performed outstandingly among the first 14 wineries in Chile to obtain their Sustainability Certification after successfully meeting the requirements of the protocol.

Felipe Ibañez - President Anakena Wines

Felipe Ibañez

Jorge Gutierrez - Vice President Anakena Wines

Jorge Gutierrez

Vice President
Ricardo Letelier - Managing Director Anakena Wines

Ricardo Letelier

Managing Director
Carlos Pasten - Financial Director Anakena Wines

Carlos Pasten

Financial Director
GAVIN TAYLOR - Winemaker Anakena Wines


Luis Enrique Izquierdo - Marketing Director Anakena Wines

Luis Enrique Izquierdo

Marketing Director
Jean paul Veas - Director of Operations

Jean paul Veas

Director of Operations
Carlos Pinto - Export Manager Asia Anakena Wines

Carlos Pinto

Export Manager LAT / Chile
Pablo Montero - Export Manager Europe Anakena Wines

Pablo Montero

Export Manager Europe and Asia
Francisco Sasso - Viticulturer

Francisco Sasso


Gavin Taylor - Winemaker, Viña Anakena

Gavin was born in South Africa in 1973. He spent his early years in Paarl, and then he and his family moved to Still Bay. He always knew that he wanted to work in agriculture and earned his B.Sc. with mention in Viticulture and Enology at the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa).

After working for four years in South Africa as Viticultural Consultant, he decided to travel and visit the major wine regions of the world. He worked three crushes in California and then moved to Marlborough, New Zealand to improve his knowledge of making high quality white wines.

It was during this time that he met in California a woman from Chile, Lilian. They were married and have one daughter, Angélica.

After years of traveling the world, he finally settled in the Maule region of Chile in 2003—but not for long. In 2004 they set out on a new adventure and moved to Napa Valley, where Gavin worked as an assistant winemaker at the Kendall-Jackson Winery.

Two seasons later he was invited to work as winemaker at Ray’s Station and consultant winemaker for Stonestreet Wines in Healdsburg, California. In 2008 he returned to Chile and became the winemaker at Viña Calina.

In September 2011 he joined Viña Anakena’s winemaking team with the mission of making the highest quality wines from vineyards planted in Chile’s finest terroir. His experience in California and Marlborough, New Zealand will be a great contribution for offering fine, elegant wines from Alto Cachapoal and fresh Sauvignon blanc and Pinot noir from the cool Leyda Valley.

Gavin continues to improve his Spanish language skills and dedicate time to his two great passions, his family and sports. He is a black belt in karate and avid surfer.